Technical maintenance and repairs are performed in accordance with the Procedure for the Provision of Car Services approved by Order No. 4-97 of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania dated 31 March 2004 as well as standards effective in the Republic of Lithuania including but not limited to Standard LST 1438:2005 “Cars. Technical Maintenance and Repair” approved by Order No. 70 of the Lithuanian Standards Board on 29 March 1996 and the effective company (service provider) Standard ĮST 2005417-01:1997 “Cars. Operational Repair”.

Pursuant to those standards, the following warranties are granted for performed work and parts used for repair:
  • Technical servicing and maintenance work – 1 month
  • Repair of assemblies and complete units – 6 months (or 20,000km)
  • Other – according to warranties granted by manufacturers of car parts.
  • During the warranty period, we eliminate all defects of materials (parts, etc.) and work free of charge.
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