Car repair


Any desire of our customers is very important to us: whether it is to tighten the screw or to repair the chassis!

In addition to sales of car parts, lubricants and car care products, the Car Service Centre of Ausegra provides quality car services. Our car service points (Gelvonų St. 2 and Savanorių Ave. 178) can handle fourteen cars simultaneously.
The car service points of Ausegra perform car computer diagnostics, technical servicing, maintenance and repair of the highest quality. Here, tires are mounted and balanced or lubricants are replaced quickly.
The premises of our car service point are equipped with tools and equipment meeting the technological standards approved by the Technical Supervision Service and the State Metrology Service of the Republic of Lithuania. They include Germany-manufactured Otto Nusbaum two-column “even floor” lifts with prolonged forks (for lifting minibuses) certified under the standard CE 0044, which have capacities of 3 and 3.5 tons. There are also the advanced-capacity four-column hydro-electrical-mechanical lift and 8-sensor suspension geometry adjustment rig made by the famous American company HUNTER, which allows evaluating the position of each wheel in respect to the body axle.
We are also glad to be able to use the diagnostics equipment manufactured by the Austrian company AVL ( and scanners produced by the company LBM in Lithuania, which allow performing work accurately, promptly and at the lowest possible costs.
We use only professional working tools: for suspension and engine repair – Hazet, Facom, Wurth and King Tonny wrenches, pneumatic nut runners, and sets for repairing assemblies and complete sets. For diagnostics, we use AVL and LBM equipment and scanners as well as four-parameter gas analysers of the German manufacturer Infralyt and Austrian company AVL.The service points are furnished with special testing and calibration instrumentation and equipment.
Owing to the provision of comprehensive services to our clients and knowledge of technological processes, we managed to ensure the high quality of services and to reduce costs of our customers.
At your request, our employees will drive your vehicle for repairs or bring the car to the required place after eliminating breakdowns.
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