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About the Company
The quality of the car servicing centre is guaranteed not only by excellent specialists, but also by modern, state-of-the-art car diagnostics and repair equipment and high-quality tools. We use new tools and equipment approved by the Technical Supervision Service and the State Metrology Service of the Republic of Lithuania. The quality and capacities of the car repair services of Ausegra were highly appraised by KEMI UAB, TANAGRA UAB, Vilniaus Eoltas UAB and others who signed cooperation agreements with the Company.
For car repairing, we use parts of Delphi, Walker, Monroe, AP Lockheed, Tridon, and other manufacturers. This is why we can easily repair cars of almost all makes.
The computer information system of Ausegra shop will help to find required car parts and other products of world-recognised brands. Here you can also order the desired item which will be delivered to you as fast as we can.
Our regular customers enjoy many benefits!
We allow them to use the flexible system of discounts: a regular customer will always be able to acquire our goods and services at a discount and will be serviced as a priority customer, whenever possible, if the car has any disorders.
When your car is being repaired, you can rest and have a cup of coffee in the nearby café.
Ausegra extends warranties for its services and new parts used for repair.
You will never be disappointed with us and we will become your best friends!

Ausegra made its first steps in 1997 and started to develop and expand as soon as in a half a year, when its team of employees doubled. On 1 February 2006, Ausegra opened its second car servicing centre at Savanorių Ave. 178. Currently, the company has a team of 36 skilful and helpful specialists who know and enjoy their work. Employees of Ausegra regularly participate in trainings and qualification improvement courses; therefore, services are performed with the use of the most advanced techniques and equipment.


Social partnership
Currently, when organising professional internships in Lithuania, there is a problem that companies are reluctant to accept interns, and employers often lack pedagogical knowledge in training their interns and complain that interns fail to understand the specific of the daily activities of the enterprise and that vocational educational establishments do not always take into account the needs of business when preparing internship programmes. On the other hand, educational establishments often complain that it is difficult to find stable social partners who would accept students for professional internships.
Ausegra maintains a highly responsible attitude to the place of social partnership in the field of professional training. We closely cooperate with Vilnius School of Car Mechanics and Business. Young car mechanics are provided with excellent opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. During internships, we help young specialists to adjust themselves to the actual working environment.
Professional and well-prepared internship trainers work in our company. Employees of Ausegra are regularly invited to participate in qualification examination evaluation commissions and in the development of professional training programmes. We are very glad that many of students who took internship in the company return to Ausegra service centres for permanent work.


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