Ausegra is a car servicing centre providing car repair and technical maintenance services as well as selling new parts and other products for cars. It is a mini-centre operating as a one-stop shop with services ranging from the repair of a wheel to computer diagnostics.

Ausegra made its first steps in 1997 and started to develop and expand as soon as in a half a year, when its team of employees increased twice. Currently, the company has a team of 30  skilful and helpful specialists who know and enjoy their work. Employees of Ausegra regularly participate in trainings and qualification improvement courses; therefore, the works are performed with the use of the most advanced techniques and equipment. The Company’s employees are young, creative, ambitious and initiative people who seek training and improvement. This is why Ausegra places particular emphasis on investments into the professional development of its personnel. Professional training and qualification improvement programmes are arranged on a regular basis, and employees are provided with the opportunities to take training and improve their technical knowledge. In order to have the best professionals in the staff, we maintain relations with educational establishments that train car repair specialists and contribute to the development and maintenance of programmes for young specialists.
In our company, we give employees freedom and encourage their initiative in advancing innovative ideas and seeking the highest performance, in this way making everybody feel to be responsible for the business activity and quality of rendered services. We value sense of duty, strive for constant knowledge improvement, honesty, and loyalty towards the company. We provide employees with possibilities to seek career in the fields of car service and repair and in other fields related to the organisation of that work. Celebrations of the birthdays of Ausegra and its employees and the Christmas party, which have become a tradition in the company, help to maintain warm relations. The Christmas party is arranged not only for the company’s employees, but also for their family members.
Currently, Ausegra is looking for:
Job character:

  • verification and repair of electronics of cars and minibuses;
  • computer diagnostics of cars and minibuses;
  • detection and repair of break-downs of the injection system.


  • experience in similar work;
  • sense of duty;
  • sense of responsibility for decision-making;
  • helpfulness;
  • politeness;
  • ability to work in a team.
Car Mechanic
Verification and repair of the suspension, brakes and other systems and mechanisms of cars and minibuses.


  • experience in similar work;
  • sense of duty;
  • sense of responsibility for decision-making;
  • cultural sensitivity;
  • orderliness;
  • ability to work in a team.

We offer:

motivated and performance-related pay; work in a professional and friendly team; excellent working conditions; professional improvement possibilities.We look forward to receiving your CV by the following e-mail address: Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
We always look for initiative, responsible, and professional employees who strive for personal and professional improvement and can contribute to seeking and achieving the goals of Ausegra with their knowledge and experience.

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