Quality Policy


We actively seek maintaining two-way communication with our customers in order to ensure the provision of top-quality car repair services meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

In order to be chosen by our customers, we analyse and monitor the main indicators of services and processes that are important for taking proper care of our customers. The priorities of our activities are as follows:
QUALITY – cultural sensitivity, friendliness and common teamwork of the personnel in ensuring satisfaction of the needs of our customers.
PROMPTNESS – quick execution of orders.
OBLIGATION – unconditional fulfilment of promises.
FLEXIBILITY – satisfaction of individual customers’ needs and adjustment to the situation convenient to the customer.
COSTS – provision of services at the lowest costs.
Ausegra is a dynamic, effective, friendly and innovative enterprise, where possibilities of car operation and repair for the customers are facilitated owing to high-quality and wide-range services.
While seeking business success, Ausegra forms an integral part of the society because it has established and maintains extremely good relations with the company’s employees, customers, suppliers, professional training institutions, authorities, and competitors.
Owing to the provision of comprehensive services to our customers and knowledge of technological processes, we are able to ensure high quality of services and minimise expenses of the customers.
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